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The North-West Fishing Consortium (NWFC) is the large Russian professional partnership of the Northern Fishing Basin that started working in 1993. As part of the NWFC, there are companies involved in catching crabs and fish, as well as processing and wholesale of seafood.

NWFC is an association of 14 companies related to the Northern Basin fish and crabs catching. As part of the Consortium, these companies have formed a reliable autonomous structure capable of solving all tasks related to fishing, processing and delivery of crab and fish products.

Specialization has assisted each member of the Consortium to establish successful work in the chosen field. And the combination of efforts and resources has made the NWFC a significant player not only in the Russian, but also in the global market.

Managing company

Sergey Nesvetov (Executive Director)

St. Petersburg, Shpalernaya str., 54

NWFC in numbers

The main activities of the Consortium are the harvesting and processing of crabs (Red King and Opilio) and bottom fish (haddock, halibut, saida and others). Annual catch volumes of the Red King crab – 10,000 tons, Opilio crab – 7,100 tons, fish – 45,000 tons. Catching is carried out in the Barents and Norwegian Seas of the FAO 27 zone. The products are supplied to the European Union, China, Korea and many other countries of the world.


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Growth and development

The Сonsortium actively invests in the construction of new ships at the Vyborg Shipyard. It is important that the vessels are built in accordance with their own projects, also developed by order of NWFC. Significant funds are also allocated for the modernization of the existing fleet and the construction of coastal infrastructure.

The geography of deliveries is expanding – customers from America, Europe, and Asia are willing to buy the Consortium’s products. Semi-finished crab products turned out to be so delicious that, nowadays, they are popular even in countries where crab meat was previously almost unknown.

Social projects

While developing business, the NWFC creates hundreds of new jobs for the residents of the Northwestern Federal District. In addition, the Consortium delivers and sells part of the catch to the residents of the Arkhangelsk region – in agreement with the management of the region.

Historical background

The history of NWFC began in 1993, when the current co-owner of the Consortium, film director Gennady Mirgorodsky, almost accidentally bought two used fishing vessels. They made a decision not to sell non-core assets, instead they started cod and haddock fishing in coastal waters.

The Consortium got its current name in 2002 when registering a non-profit partnership that united a number of fishing companies in the North-Western region into a joint professional organization. In 2014, NWFC won an auction for the privatization of 100% of the Arkhangelsk trawl fleet. The purchase expanded the capabilities of NWFC: The Consortium has got not only new ships, but also its own repair base.

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