Sea crab is considered to be a delicacy in the cuisine of any country. Exquisite taste, simplicity and ease of preparation are the reasons for its popularity. Simple or complex, crab dishes will always be appropriate for both festive and and everyday tables. Low calorie value (~95 kcal/100 g) and a unique content of nutrients will bring variety to the diet.



The crab is a bottom dweller and its taste depends on the composition of water and the food of habitat. The meat of the northern sea’s inhabitants has a pronounced flavour with a wide palette of shades. This especially applies to the Red King crab (also called Kamchatka crab), which connoisseurs value more than lobsters.

As for the calories, crabs are similar to low-fat cottage cheese, they are also rich in vitamins PP and B-vitamins, as well as minerals like copper, selenium, zinc, phosphorus. The phalanges of crab limbs and «fists» — meat from claws — are most often used for food. Also, there is meat in a crab's head and body, but there is much less of it there. In some species, the liver is valued.


«Live or fresh-frozen?» Our recommendation is clear — the best choice is NWFC crabs, cooked and frozen immediately on the ship according to the original technology. It is important for us to preserve the fresh original taste and smell of the sea, so we do not deliver crabs live, but cook it on the spot — we select, sort, cook, glaze and freeze it in accordance with the strictest international requirements. We supply Red King crab and Opilio Snow Crab, caught in the Barents and Norwegian Seas to the market.

The recommendation of gourmets is the Red King crab, it is larger, has tender, slightly oily and sweet meat with a complex flavour. The Opilio crab has more salty, dense, fibrous meat.


Crab meat goes well with almost any sauce of European and Asian cuisine, however, we recommend it to be not too bright, without a rich taste. You can use lime or lemon juice instead of a sauce. Crabs are also good in combination with pasta, herbs, risotto. We suggest trying a combination of a crab, fatty sauces based on butter or olive oil and champagne wines. Dry white wines, Riesling, Chardonnay — a time-tested, classic recommendation for crabs.


NWFC crabs and sections are already cooked in seawater, so you just need to defrost them and cut them up.

The first way is to defrost in a refrigerator for 4-6 hours. Thus, the product will be more nutritious and healthier.

The second and quicker way is to put the frozen sections in boiling water for 30 seconds, so that the water covers them completely. Then remove and cut them. It should not be boiled for longer than half a minute, otherwise, the meat will be tough.

If the meat has not been previously cooked, you can increase the cooking time to half an hour, add spices and bay leaves to the water. It is also acceptable to cook a raw crab by steaming or grilling.

Attention! Please note that repeated freezing of crabs is unacceptable.

  1. Boil water. Calculate the amount of water so that it covers crab sections.

  2. Optionally, add bay leaves, pepper, or other spices. Do not add salt!

  3. Plunge the crab sections into a pan only when the water boils.

  4. Hold the crab sections in boiling water for no more than 30 seconds, otherwise, the meat will be tough.

  5. Remove the sections from the pan, peel the meat from the shell, season it with lemon or lime juice.

  6. It goes well with white wine, light beer, it is also good for cooking various dishes. Enjoy your meal!


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