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The NWFC fleet is one of the largest fishing fleets in the Arctic Basin. More than 20 fishing and crab-catching vessels regularly go to sea. At the same time, new vessels are being built at the shipyards – among Russian companies, the NWFC leads in targeted investments in the fishing fleet renewal.

NWFC Fleet Today

Currently, NWFC has specialized crab and fishing vessels with factories onboard. The home ports of the fleet are Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. The Consortium’s vessels are approved by the authorities of China, Korea, Japan, Europe, and the USA as suppliers of products to these countries.

Bottom trawl fishing at sea is carried out by our modern freezing trawlers with processing factories on board. Crab processors, both specialized vessels and modified trawlers, catch crabs with special trap systems and immediately, on board, produce the finished product.

Historical Background

The first companies that became part of the NWFC were engaged in fishing in Murmansk and Petrozavodsk. Back then, the fleet mainly consisted of MRTK (small-sized fishing stern trawler) and SRTMk (stern middle freezer trawler) vessels. In 2002, the North-West Fishing Consortium was registered, and it was headed by the legendary captain Mark Isaakovich Lyubovsky.

Since 2004, the harvesting of the Red King crab and the Opilio crab has been allowed in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, which required the conversion and construction of special vessels.

Captain Lyubovsky: History

One of the ATF trawlers is named after Mark Lyubovsky, a famous Soviet and later Russian captain and organizer of the fishing industry. Mark Isaakovich Lyubovsky was born on May 3, 1929. After graduating from the Klaipeda Maritime School, he took up the position of a navigator on the Murmanseld vessels. In 1955, Lyubovsky became a captain on the fishing vessels of the White Sea base of Goslov. Mark Isaakovich was an excellent expert in his field, he, at the same time, honored traditions and was not afraid to learn new approaches.

Arkhangelsk Trawler Fleet: History

The Arkhangelsk trawl fleet was originally formed in 1920 from 12 nationalized trawlers: six vessels of the Arkhangelsk fisherman Bezzubikov and six of the Arkhangelsk Centrosoyuz. In the first year of existence, ATF vessels caught 1,700 tons of fish. Over the hundred years of  existence, ATF has often experienced difficult times. During the Great Patriotic War, ships were withdrawn and re-equipped for military needs, but later the vessels returned to peaceful fishing.

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